Wedge Politics – Book


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Wedge Politics – Book


“The Final Treatise”

When the words crawl all around me. When the ashes of the past apologize to me. When the present gets burned into my acoustic memory. And when all of you dreamers out there are coated in sunshine will be when I become comfortable to live in this damaged society. Because this damaged society created a damaged culture full of damaged people, goods and services. The people are more detestable than the pagans, the goods are well past their expiry dates and there are no more services of any value. This is especially true if the ashes of anything feel the need to apologize for something that in reality is nothing to worry about. While migrating through undone threads of wants and needs we must all remember that if we do what we want all of the damned time, then we will forget how to do what we need most of the damned time.

NOTE: The cover art and inner 4 pages of “Wedge Politics” are examples of Hamilton’s photography.

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